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Pain Management

Opioids are typically prescribed for patients with chronic pain. These medications are narcotics and have serious side effects like chronic constipations, trouble breathing, and abuse. Pain treatment does not have to be this way. PURE offers custom topical pain relief preparations for many different types of pain.
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Targeted Pain Relief

By using a targeted topical approach, PURE pharmacists can customize preparations to target the source of the pain. Pain compounds can often combine up to six separate ingredients that enable customized approaches to the specific pain relief. Commonly used ingredients include the following.

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PURE uses the highest quality, most researched creams to prepare your pain relief compound.

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Absolutely. Targeting pain locally with pain compounded creams can oftentimes be the key to individuals stopping opioid therapy.

Compounded pain creams can provide a high concentration of active drugs to a local area instead of being absorbed throughout the body. This can limit side effects, drug interactions, and drowsiness associated with some pain medications.

Most individuals use compounded pain cream 3 or 4 times daily.

Most compounded pain creams do not need to be refrigerated. If refrigeration is required it will be listed on the auxiliary label.